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Who is evan ellingson dating

Her mom had died in Texas, and she ended up with a younger brother and sister to raise in Missoula.

From the opening sequence to the final credit, the film has one agenda- to make you cry; stuffing a lump down your throat for the majority of its 109 minute running time. You would think that cancer is a substantial enough topic but the layers of misery that are placed on the characters, artificially heightening the stakes, borders on ridiculous.The big question is why would you want to put yourself through a film like this.If you are not a Picoult fan, why see this depressing snot-fest of mediocrity?The young adults; Anna, Kate and Jesse (Evan Ellingson) are all disturbingly nice – has Cassavetes ever met any teenagers?The audience is intelligent enough to empathise with someone who has cancer; their goodness shouldn’t need to come into it.

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