Validating identity and d link elderly dating service

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I have a Windows Phone app which will consume services from this site, for which I want to validate the user account; so from the WP app I will ask for username and password to send them to the server to be validated.

NET Identity (pre 2.0), the site comes with a Web API.

That being said, this problem is actually much easier than you think.

Defines if the cookie will only be sent back to HTTPS URL.

By default, it is Same As Request, which means If the URI that provides the cookie is HTTPS, then the cookie will only be returned to the server on subsequent HTTPS requests.

Otherwise if the URI that provides the cookie is HTTP, then the cookie will be returned to the server on all HTTP and HTTPS requests.

· On Response Signin: happens just before set-cookie is sent out · On Validate Identity: happens just after incoming cookie is parsed into Claims Identity Active mode is similar to what the old ASP.

NET forms authentication module did, while passive is a way to let framework code control the authentication explicitly. NET Web Hooks Community Standup CSS CSS and HTML Development Intelli Sense Jeff King JScript Mike Snow MSDeploy msnow MVC Orcas performance publish Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi Silverlight silverlight resources tips and tricks Vishal R.

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Defines the return URL parameter name, which tells your application the URL of previous unauthorized request to redirect to after login.

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