Short time dating before marriage

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kokaubeammeup Re: short courtships Not for everyone, but definitely more often than the general population.

For me it was a combination of enough mission president talks saying the next step is to go get married and start a family, then teachings from various church leaders that basically (paraphrase) you don't need to find someone perfect and that any two faithful people can make a marriage successful, plus praying in the temple and feeling warm and tingly, and probably a dash of no sex in there mixed in.

I have (another) question I hope you don't mind answering.

2 months later, after parents, and friends, and bishops telling them to stay away from each other and "don't touch", they are married, having the worst sex of their, or anybody's life, and bam, next thing you know, there is 5 kids, husband is addicted to porn, cuz he never gets any and has been a sexually repressed Omega male his whole life, and she is on Anti-depressants, wondering how this all happened!

NO, this is not autobiographical, it did however happen to several friends, and one of my brothers.

Engaged after 2 or 3 months, were going to be engaged for five months but decided to cut it to one month to get-r-done before BYU started back up (thinking, well, we 'know' it's right, so why put it off and have that much longer to be tempted. So, married after about 4 months total..middle of divorce 5 years later after I stopped believing in the church (and that temple feeling, etc.). Any one of our parents should have smacked me upside the head, but all were happy so long as i felt good about it in the temple. rainwriter Re: short courtships Elder Oakes does say in his talk "Divorce," "If you wish to marry well, inquire well.

Associations through “hanging out” or exchanging information on the Internet are not a sufficient basis for marriage.

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There should be dating, followed by careful and thoughtful and thorough courtship.