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Or at least the world that was coming into its own. His entrepreneurial journey has been covered by various magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Today, Economic Times and numerous blogs & websites.

His birth was a hat tip to our developers who tirelessly hack away at creating awesomeness. Our determination that never, never gives up..then some.

He has co-authored a book on combining the power of Flash and . NET' in 2002 and has written several technical articles for international journals ever since. Kisor's 35 years of business experience spans across multiple domains including trading, construction and technology. This silence is only broken at exactly 5 in the evening when the birds chirp, the leaves rustle and his voice breaks through the silence to ask, "Pizza?

Prior to Fusion Charts, he was running another software product company providing accounting solutions to Enterprise customers. " Rahul speaks very little, and when he does speak, you need to strain your ears to hear what he is saying.

While Arachnophobia is one side of him, the other side claims to have had experienced out-of-body experiences – aka "astral trips".

A gaming addict, Suvradip is fond of DOTA 2, CS 1.6, FIFA, NFS… If asked to describe himself the first thing that comes to his mind is Phasmophobia (fear of ghosts for the uninitiated).

Families of his friends detest him, though, for some unknown reason! An extreme foodie and a gadget freak, Arnab is all hysteric when it comes to photography.

Souvik is another addition to our football fanatic club.

He had once captained his college team, leading them to a victory in the inter-college tournament. Might be because of the number of stitches he got from one.

He got over his fear of snakes by scaring one with his untidiness. She aspires to win a booker prize someday and the rest of the time when she is not thinking on her book idea, you would probably find her watching a SRK movie.

Beware of criticizing SRK movies in front of her as she wouldn't think twice about killing you on that note.

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While in his teens, he aspired to become a super model (may be the reason why he has food aversion). Seems serious but be rest assured that she is a fun-loving person who talks loud, laughs loud, giggles loud and almost all while she works.