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Like many European popualtions the Uyghurs have a West Asian and Northern European aspect, but they lack the South European ancestry.

This is important, because it is dominant in both the Tuscans and North Italians.

Men with no means, and who had to be supplied with arms by the Republic, joined the military.The Chinese-like element may simply be that the proto-Uyghurs were already admixed with the Han populations, or, that that element has a geography-conditional cline where the Yakuts are at an extreme.In any case, the other components of Uyghur ancestry are not East Asian.But many of these populations absorbed the Indo-European groups, and came out genetically admixed.A clear residual of West Eurasian admixture can also be found among peoples who presumably never interacted much with Indo-Europeans, such as the Mongols, though at lower levels.

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In the case of tribes such as the Xianbei and Khitan they even did the assimilating themselves, through top-down sinicizing edits.

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  1. When the Roman Republic first conquered the Italian peninsula between 500-200 BC, it was known to send fake refugees into enemy cities to "[subvert] the enemy from within." "Pope Joan" was believed to be a woman who allegedly tricked her way into become pope in the Middle Ages by pretending to be a man — but the is now viewed as fake, a fictional yarn spun centuries after her purported reign.