Online dating for carribeans

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Online dating for carribeans

"People are choosing not to identify as either Caribbean or Africa.Perhaps they’re saying I am black in some way, but it doesn’t matter where I’m from.The largest ethnic group in London is white British, but at 44.9 per cent is the lowest percentage anywhere in Britain.The Polish community who fall into the White Other category, one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in Britain, was far more spread out.

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Once you settle somewhere and have a family, you tend to stay.” Overall, black communities (including Black African, Black Caribbean, Black American or Black European) make up 3.4 percent of Britain’s overall population which now stands at 56.1 million – an increase of seven percent since 2001.

As an ethnic minority, Black Britain is the third largest at 3.3 percent behind White Other (86 percent) and Asian/Asian British who represent 7.5 percent.

“So statistics do tell an important story, but they don’t tell all of our story.” One of the biggest trends to emerge from the 2011 Census findings was the growth of Britain’s mixed race population.

Out of the 1.2 million mixed race Britons, a third identify specifically as Black Caribbean and White British.

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Identity is more nuanced, but people might see it as less relevant as Britain becomes more diverse and people become more relaxed about multiculturalism.” Black communities were found in all regions, but the most significant populations were in London and the West Midlands – the two most ethnically diverse regions in England and Wales.

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