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There are some radical jumps in intelligibility between geographically close communities, so the varieties do not form a dialect continuum in a strict sense, though neither are there clear-cut divisions between groups of varieties.

Many varieties of Zapotec are mutually unintelligible with one other.

Certain characteristics serve to classify Zapotec varieties in ways that cross-cut the geographical divisions.

One of these is the distinction between disyllabic roots and monosyllabic roots.

Unfortunately, materials on Zapotec languages vary widely in the quality of their tonal description and analysis.

Many Northern Zapotec languages, such as Sierra Juárez (Nellis and Nellis 1983, Bickmore and Broadwell 1998, Tejada 2010) show a system of three level tones (L, M, H) plus two contours.

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languages are a group of closely related indigenous Mesoamerican languages that constitute a main branch of the Oto-Manguean language family and which is spoken by the Zapotec people from the southwestern-central highlands of Mexico.

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