Consolidating districts in nd kostenfreie partnerbörse Trier

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Consolidating districts in nd

“Claims that these benefits are plainly in evidence in existing consolidated governments are a staple of newspaper editorials, but systematic analyses of the political, economic, and fiscal effects of city-county consolidation are conspicuously absent.” Carr, a professor of public administration, was writing about merging city and county governments.

But his findings are generally true in the literature about consolidating small pieces of government into bigger ones.

NBC newsman Tom Brokaw wrote in the New York Times recently about how small towns are big spenders.

You win some and you lose some, with no clear overall benefit.

Despite its larger size and population, California has about as many counties as North Dakota — and a budget gap of 13.6%.

(Similarly, it wasn’t regional and Main Street banks that got us in this mess.

Brokaw mentions the inefficiencies of Iowa and the two Dakotas, but all three states have unemployment rates well below the national average.

And states on average were 8.2% short of meeting their 2009 budget by midyear, the budget gap in Iowa was just 2.1%, in South Dakota it was 2.2% and North Dakota was running a budget surplus.

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“Each one houses a full complement of clerks, auditors, sheriff’s deputies, jailers and commissioners.

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