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Chat room sex kitsap

After his arrest, the attorneys say that while Scott could have bailed out of jail, he chose not to because he wanted to "accept responsibility" for his actions and get treatment.

"The shame that I have experienced through this whole thing (pales) drastically to the pain and anguish I have caused my family," Scott said. I am very truly sorry." Robin Scott, his wife of 24 years, appeared Monday morning as well to speak before Costello.

Scott was not intending to chat with 'navydubletruble' about her kids, and in fact had no idea she even had kids," Fong argued for Scott in court documents.

"Nevertheless, he did follow through." In the months leading up to his arrest, corrections officials said he was drinking "a fifth of whiskey every weekend." Scott went on, over the next month, to ask the "Navy wife" if she'd like to experience a "different level of sexuality," police said.

He'd planned to perform sex acts with the "mother" and the children, court documents say, and was found with condoms when he showed up at the hotel.

Following a guilty plea to attempted rape and immoral communication with a minor, Kitsap County Prosecutors recommended a 90-month sentence.

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He said that the 9 months of actual incarceration will give Scott a "flavor" of the additional 93 he'll face if he doesn't uphold conditions of the alternative.