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The sight of blood strikes fear in all bird owners and is a common emergency presentation.Hemorrhage may result from numerous causes including trauma, infectious disease, metabolic and nutritional causes, and neoplasia. The majority of the birds bleeding due to minor trauma can be easily treated.

Hemorrhage secondary to more significant trauma, such as lacerations of major vessels, hematoma, or fracture of the liver, spleen or kidney is immediately life threatening. This is not a problem when trauma results in external hemorrhage.This is particularly true with slab-type fractures of the tip of the upper beak or rhinotheca (common with cockatoos and African Grey parrots (Psittacidae).These fractures may be difficult to diagnosis due to blood spreading from the tip of the beak to the tongue, giving the appearance that the origin of the hemorrhage is elsewhere in the oral cavity.Grey parrots (Psittacidae) presented in seizure should be treated presumptively with intravenous calcium gluconate as well as with diazepam.Difficulty breathing is a common complaint in birds presented for emergency or critical care.

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Nebulization of medication and or humidification will benefit some patients.

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