2142 leaderboard not updating kimi bakersfield dating

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2142 leaderboard not updating

This will help you maintain your account name and also provide you with an instant promotion and a new unlock.Your online account is very important - do not provide its details to anyone else.To learn more about this, and where these separate profiles are kept, see the Advanced Tweaking section.If at any time you choose to delete a soldier, highlight it and select 'Delete Soldier', but keep in mind that this also removes any history they had, such as weapons unlocks or awards. Once you're logged in and have setting up your soldier, to activate and use the soldier you will need to highlight a soldier and click the Select button, or double-click on the soldier's name.Each soldier can have his own name and settings, but they are all tied to the particular account you used to log in with above.When you click the 'Create New Soldier' button, you will be prompted to enter a name.Unlocks: There are four tabs on this screen: Recon, Assault, Engineer and Support - corresponding to the four main classes you can play in the game.

Here you will have to enter a valid Account Name and its Password, then click the Login button to continue.Each soldier you create will have his own in-game settings and control bindings, so you will have to customize all the settings for each soldier separately.Most of the advanced tweaks later in this guide however will apply to all soldiers since they change the way the game behaves.This is the username which will appear when you play BF2142 online, so choose carefully, and note that the game will check to make sure the nick isn't taken by anyone else before allowing you to use it.If you want your soldier(s) to have a particular Clan tag, enter the tag in the 'Clan Tag' box at the top of the screen.

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The scroll box at the top of this page allows you to see details about more specific aspects of your gameplay.